Happy National Taco Day! Can I tell you right now that I have never met a taco I didn't like? Is it safe to say that tacos are man's best friend? Like dogs are too but tacos are a super tight close second. I have also never met or spoken to a person who does not like tacos. That would be the end of that if I ever did. Who can be friends with someone who doesn't love tacos? I mean, statistically, we eat over 4.5 million tacos every year!

Soft tacos, hard shell tacos, beef, chicken, fajita, corn, and flour, this is why tacos are everyone's favorite because there are many options and so many different combinations. So I decided to ask the question of Midland, Odessa and our B93 listeners. Are all tacos created equal in the 432? Here are some of the answers that were given according to you taco experts. Trust, I wrote down several of the suggested places for tacos that I've never tried.


    • Marlena

      La casa
    • Hembra

      Martha's Mexican place
      •  Ana
    • Raynaldo

      Martinez bakery
    • Valerie

      Wall Street
    • AdrianNay

      Chatitas Food Truck
      open Friday and Saturday afternoons until 4am
    • Jesse

      El taqueria Dolla #1 in Midland off big spring street
        • Andrea

          Taco de vino. Or Martinez bakery
        • Amber

          Taco De Vino
        • Nicole

        • Crystal

          Super Taco in Midland (on Front St) 😋😋


           There are just a few suggestions in Midland/Odessa according to B93 listeners and now I want half a dozen tacos!

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10 Restaurants Every Texan Should Try
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