I'm sure you've seen or heard it while attending Cinergy in Odessa. Yep, the awesome bowling alley! Well if you haven't actually bowled, we definitely RECOMMEND IT! We held out B983 Bowling party and had a blast.
Several things that stood out.

1) Awesome LIGHTS and atmosphere. Love bowling in the 'semi dark' atmosphere.
2) Easy scoring and you don't have to do much as far as keeping score.
3) Awesome music playing while your bowling.
4) Huge VIDEO screens were NICE!

Beat the Heat Bowling promotions- new reduced bowling lane pricing $10 per hour Mon-Friday before 5pm.
Labor Day specials starting Sunday 9/3-9/4 - $4 menu including $4 All American cheese burger, $4 brownie sundae, $4 The Patriot frozen cocktail, $4 Bacon Cheese Fries

Also the Save more after 4pm Monday specials - Enjoy $10 Bowling (per hour) all day, $5 Billiards (per hour), $5 Cinergy Cheeseburger and $1 off Beer Specials Monday. Bowling and billiards play based on availability.

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