August Alsina's continuous grind caught up with him during a New York concert that ended with his on-stage collapse, triggering a series of seizures that left him in a three-day coma. After a two-week hospital stay that had a visit from Nicki Minaj, the R&B singer is recovering in his New Orleans home.

The recovery period won't be too long, though. Alsina is preparing to join Usher on his 27-date U.S. tour that starts on Nov. 1 in Montreal. He thinks he'll be ready by the time the tour starts, according to TMZ.

The doctors haven't put Alsina on any medication, but recommended that the 22-year-old crooner get plenty of rest. By the time Nov. 1 rolls around, he'll probably go back to the strategy that led him to this point of his career in the first place.

"All I do is grind and pray," Alsina said during his emotional 2014 BET Awards acceptance speech.

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