Listener Wrote - I found my man's PED EGG at his apartment and I'm not having it. Here's why? There was SHAVINGS all around it on the counter. Literally a little mound. Um, I get it take care of your feet and everything but c'mon how you not going to clean that up. NOW I'm wondering how CLEAN my man really is. Is it bad that a it's a little bit of a red flag for me?

Here Is What The Permian Basin Has To Say About It

You said at HIS apartment

He’s a dude. Not all guys are Metro. There’s things about guys that you’re just gonna have to deal with. Men do men things. If you don’t like it go get you a man that wear skinny jeans

What’s a PED egg?

I think it shaves dead skin off your corns

GIF may contain The Cat In The Hat, Dr Seuss and Dirty Hoe

All men are a little gross. It's kinda expected

Hope yall haven't ate any Italian with parmesan cheese lately



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