Buzz Question - So, the other week I was out of town for 1 week due to work. When I got back I overheard my WIFE and her bestie talking...MY WIFE was asked How DID you like being alone for that week HE was gone and she said SHE LOVED IT! Actually, I wish he do it more often? WHAT THE HECK?   Like I don't get butthurt easy but DANG! Should I just ignore it as she needed some time away from me?


S Dot
Just go on a week vacation then let her hear your conversation with you and your homeboy. Tell her stop the cap.

She cheating

Yeah, she is definitely cheating.

That’s messed up!!

Mine was gone for 2 weeks last month. And it was the best. Don’t get me wrong, I missed him. But not having to do double the laundry, double the cooking, dishes etc. I got to sleep more cuz I didn’t have to make sure he was up. I got to eat what I want… See more

Yeah that’s kinda messed up for her to say. I couldn’t even be one day without my man, well if I had one lol.

Not necessarily cheating, but I would talk with her about it. Think about military families. We get used to having time apart. Most couples don’t have that at all, ever. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break and recharge. This doesn’t have to mean something negative necessarily, but I would talk to her about it.

I dont think she's cheating. You can love a person so much but still need a break. Yall need to relax.

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