Buzz Question - I'm done lending my man out. He literally is the one that women co-workers or friends call when they need ROAD ASSISTANCE. In the past 2 months he literally has helped 3 different women with their cars either flat tires or whatever. Look, he's a great guy, all I'm saying is SLOW YOUR ROLL. Thing is that HE OFFERS ALL THE TIME. I'm just saying stop throwing it out all the time. I'm not being rude about this, am I?

I think it’s great he can help and has a big heart. There aren’t many people in the world anymore that is willing to help. But he needs to know it’s ok to not save the world also. Even Superman needs a break occasionally. But I wouldn’t stress it unles… See More

At least you man is useful. Take pride in that because there are women out there that are dating guys who don’t even know how to change an air filter

I personally don’t see an issue unless these women have a man or lack of a man that can’t change a flat etc… I’m a believer that God outs everyone in our path for a reason good or bad…your husband is there to help assist and both of y’all have the big … See More

He sounds like a gentleman who is handy and helpful. Take pride. That’s amazing that he can and will do this for someone in need.

Nothing wrong with helping people out. I’ve always been the type to help people out when I can. Problem is some folks take this kindness the wrong way or just take advantage of the kindness. If he just goes and helps and comes home then no biggie. But … See More

If you have a problem with it start tagging along with him on EVERY call!!!! Yeah maybe something else could be going on who knows. So you tag along and make sure it is a flat a tire change it could all be a lie just to get out of the house.‍♀️ Tag… See More

She sounds insecure

Rebecca D
Melissa ... I would too come on you can't trust these women now days a man can only take so much temptation.

Rebecca D...seriously.. then she needs to re-evaluate the “women” in her life. I keeps NO-ONE around me that would betray my trust like that.
And if I was that insecure, I’d go with. ‍♀️.

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