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My EX sends me flowers on our Anniversary date every year. We divorced 10 years ago and have 1 son together. It's just his thing. Well, my new husband said 'that's cute' and that needs to end. He feels now that I'm newly married he feels it's not necessary. I told him he does it because of our son , he said 'YOUR Anniversary with is more about the marriage you used to have" time to move on. I'm sorry I just don't feel it is wrong to do. Thoughts?

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I can understand Mother’s Day but Not your anniversary!!! That’s disrespectful to your husband.

Girl. Time to let go. It’s done. Over. Now your HUSBAND should send u flowers

Anniversary? You're remarried vieja tonta! Tell ur ex,if he wants to continue, to switch it to Mother's Day from u and ur child! . . . Otherwise, you are being disrespectful. Geezus, my viejas, mas pendej*s these days!!

Say the shoe is on your foot. His ex is sending him flowers on their anniversary. Better yet, your husband is sending his ex flowers on their anniversary. You good with that? I doubt it. Your HUSBAND is correct. Your ex needs to stop sending flowers.

There is a reason There divorce it may have been him or her but the time has expired and time to make a new life unless she fills the need to go back with him them by all means don't let the door hit you where the good lord split her. It's disrespect a… See more

It NEEDS TO STOP! Sounds like your wife needs to let go! And if she doesn’t, send your ex flowers on y’all’s anniversary! Yay

I agree w/ your husband, it was cute, but you're married to someone else now. It's disrespectful. If yall still wanna celebrate your old anniversary, you should have stayed married, tf

You should stop because your husband is uncomfortable with it and has asked you to. It has nothing to do with whether it is right or wrong!

What if it’s the anniversary date they got divorced and he’s just reminding her how grateful and happy he is now 

Lmaooo woww she doesn't even feel that it's wrong. Crazy times we live in

He can always send her flowers on sons birthday but the anniversary flowers should have ended when the marriage did.

Tessa Rowell
You stop because he's uncomfortable with it. It's not about you anymore

I'd send my kids home with flowers and they would throw em away. Some people are more garbage than dead flowers.

Someone still loves her ex husband . If I’m you husband I’M tell your ex he needs to stop.

Of course it's wrong you TRAMP!

This shouldn’t even be a topic for asking advice if it’s wrong. She should clearly know it’s wrong. Plus even if y’all have a kid together that’s his and the son’s father/son relationship y’all are divorced and that’s final.

Amber Wybenga Hermosillo Nicole

Mother’s Day is one thing, flowers on an anniversary?? That’s not about the son. ‍♀️

Anniversary, nope not okay. It's one thing for mother day ,or maybe birthday, but it's not okay. If it's making your husband uncomfortable put a stop to it. If his ex did the same thing I'm sure you wouldn't like it

First of all I would’ve never allowed my ex husband to keep sending me flowers. If there was a divorce there’s a reason why. Move tf on and respect your new husband, if you can’t do this for him then you should’ve never married him.
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He's right you're wrong

But what if your ex doesn’t have a husband ? Is it ok asking for a friend

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