Buzz Question - While I was out for a couple days from work, I got flowers delivered to work. Well, when I got back I found out that a co-worker took it upon herself to take my flowers from the front desk and put them on her desk. When I got back I actually had to go seek them out because another co-worker told me I got flowers delivered. When I asked her about it she said she was taking care of them for me. But, another co-worker said she played it off as if they were hers. Either way, not cool right? Those were my DAMN flowers!


WOWWWWWW. I mean, WOW. Not cool at all. Someone should have called you or notified the delivery person that you were out of the office for a few days so they could make arrangements to take the flowers to your residence. That is super shady.

Easy! If your name is not on it, keep your FINGERS off them!

She just jealous that she didn't get them, don't sweat the flowers!

Um, maybe tell the person who sent them and have him or whoever call your work and ask if you got them.

Eh. Whoever sent them didn’t know you well enough to know you wouldn’t be at work.


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