Buzz Question - After a long 3 year relationship with my boyfriend, I'm throwing a I'M SINGLE PARTY! My sister thinks it's tacky and not cool and all I need to do is just announce it on Socials, no need to throw a party. I don't know, people throw newly DIVORCED parties all the time with no problem. I just feel after a long relationship and me putting so much into it, I deserve a party! Thoughts?

Here is what TEXAS had to say about it!

Do whatever u feel like doing...someone will always have a opinion

When I see these things I see people just wanting attention. No need to put shot out for anyone else to know. Me and my ex never put our shit on social media I had extended family about to fight me a year later cause they saw me with another female. Lol just go heal and be single no need to announce it to the world or social media. Deserve a party??? Your supposed to put your all into it. It doesn’t matter if the other does or doesn’t. You deserve to be happy and that’s why you left didn’t that happiness in yourself! That’s just my two cents I don’t know much tho. Lol

Don't play playa games when we're better at it. You hate being single girlfriend. With my skills, you'll be cooking my meals. #OriginalPlaya.

Your single now. Yes single. Do what you want.

So you really feel the need to throw a party that you are single? You are celebrating the fact that you were TERRIBLE at a 3 year relationship. SMH

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