Buzz Question - I'm dating a guy who just revealed to me that he doesn't shower daily! Been on several dates with him and he throws that out. Ain't gonna lie I thought he was kidding but he was being real.  He doesn't smell and I haven't noticed anything, but it was a little revealing. Is this a thing or not? I think it's a deal breaker for me.

Here Is What Texas Is Saying About It

Oh hell no! Don't want your stinky PITS or Butt up on me if you are not showering daily. I understand your man doesn't STINK, but if he isn't showering daily then I'm just not so sure his SMELL can be trusted.

Who says that you have to daily shower to have great hygiene? As long as your man is keeping up with his body odor and what not, what's the big deal.

I used to date a guy who would only shower once a week. I married him. Now, he showers everyday. He didn't stink when we dated and that's all that mattered to me. If his hygiene isn't bothering you what's the big deal.

Clean your ass and balls daily and you should be okay. LOL

Stephanie-Um, yeah that 's a big NOPE! Why would he tell you that info anyway? What's he trying to prove? Almost sounds like he is proud if it. Red flags indeed!

Send him my way. I'll bathe him! i'll have him all clean for you. Or me!


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