Buzz Question - Me and my MAN have a house together. We are not married but been tougher for a grip. Well, for the first time we are going to visit AND STAY WITH HIS FAMILY for Thanksgiving.  Well, he just informed me that they have asked us to sleep in separate rooms. WE HAVE A HOUSE TOGETHER!  We ARE 40!! I just scratch my head. Is it just me?


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It does sound crazy, but It’s their house, just respect their rules and everything will be fine.

Do as they wish cause its their home or rent a room. I'd rent a room. More privacy and your rules

It’s just out of respect I think. Maybe they are old fashioned and would probably want ya to be legally married. Just respect there wishes! It’s not a big deal!

Sneak into his bed through the window

Id rent a hotel. ‍♀️

You’ll never sleep better lol

Dude, you get the whole bed for a few days! Why you complaining?! Lol

Well y’all aren’t married and it is THEIR house so you need to respect their wishes. What’s a few days gonna hurt you

Dumbest thing I've heard salty parents do. I wouldn't go. I'm over here thinking you guys are 18-20 just starting life together... nah yall 40 wtf!!

Arieanna Marie Ramon
It’s There house it’s there rule .
Paul Guero
Its called respect for others. Get a motel if you disagree in any way

What if y’all are a couple who choose to never get married??? Y’all need to stay in a hotel

Get a hotel!

Just get a hotel room. Ain't even worth the fight.

When you get there make sure to ask his parents if they're sleeping in separate rooms too, if they're not then go sleep with your man

Get a hotel yourselves the brain damage

You do what you want at your house but you have to respect them and their rules/beliefs at their house

Solution for everyone:
Marry him, sleep with him, family is happy, you're happy.

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