Ask Somebody- My MAN is trippin because an Ex-Co-worker text me 'Call me when your alone". The text came through and I showed it  to my man almost immediately. Well, he's upset that my ex-coworker sent it. I told him he probably wants to share some gossip or something. He said he has a problem with the ALONE part. Not cool he said. And now I'm in trouble? I think he's over-exaggerating.


Upset, as he should be. Wouldn’t you react the same way if he had an ex female coworker text him the same? ‍♀️⚖️

It’s not her fault that an ex coworker texted her. Also we don’t know if the ex coworker is straight or not. She could either text him back and ask what’s it about or call and ask him that. If she showed her man the text? She obviously doesn’t have any… See more

If he's an ex coworker and he's texting you like that, I'd be upset too. My girl doesn't to be calling anyone when "you're alone." That's a boundary in the relationship that obviously you don't think is right. I guarantee you that if he had a female ex… See more

Call him back in front of your man. You and him are one so yeah u are alone unless u hiding something. Id be like imma call him in front of you

Too much thinking going on here.. Easy instructions... just call him when you're on the can . Thats your alone time i would think.. find out what it is he wants.. decide what to do after.

Have you saw the new divorce rates?!?!

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