Especially when the oil boom hit, there was a lot of water cooler talk about who was a West Texan and who was an “out-of-towner”. So how do you earn the title of being a West Texan?

We decided to have some fun with this and came up with an unofficial list of requirements:


  1. You’ve survived a West Texas Summer. One where the temperature got over 100 degrees.


  1. You felt like you won the Daytona 500 or thanked God that you survived driving Highway 191, I-20, Loop 250 or Loop 338.


  1. You know which streets will suddenly become rivers whenever it rains. (Wadley, Dixie, etc.)


  1. You’ve ever taken an evening shower to realize that you have two inches of dirt caked to your skin and clothes.


  1. You’ve ever had a run-in with a rattlesnake.


  1. You or someone in your family/friends have a truck that is tricked out more than a luxury car.


  1. Whether you like them or hate them, you pay attention to how the Dallas Cowboys are doing every season.


  1. You’ll talk about wanting summer during the winter and you’ll want winter during the summer.


  1. You’re purposefully seek out trees in the parking lot because you know shade is more valuable than parking close to the store.


  1. You know there will be days where you’ll wear a hoodie in the morning, but then turn on the AC in the afternoon.


  1. Whether it’s Rosas or Taco Villa or a mom and pop shop, you have a favorite Mexican food restaurant and will pledge your allegiance to it with everything you have.


  1. You’ve driven more than four hours to shop or go to a concert because you realize Texas is a MASSIVE state and all trips are measured in hours.


  1. You can properly pronounce Pecos, Pyote, Iraan and Lamesa.


  1. You’ve rescheduled a family event or vacation using a football schedule.


  1. You’ve been asked or you’ve asked someone if they want a coke to drink and then asked them what kind. Dr. Pepper? Coke? Sprite?


  1. You’ve gone to the mecca of overnight food.. Whataburger in the middle of the night because they were the only ones open.


  1. You think that high school football should and deserves to be played in NFL size stadiums


  1. You or your kids had a mum for prom that was the size of Texas.
  2. You don’t say, “you all”, “Yous guys” or you, you say, “y’all!”


  1. Your family has someone that could almost disown you if you went to a college other than the one “the family” goes to.


0-5 - Welcome to West Texas for the first time!

6-10 – Good to see you again. Hope you’re getting acquainted with the 4-3-2.

11-15 – You’ve lived here for a while and some people may think you’re a native.

16-20 – You are an official West Texan and people think you were born and raised here (even if you weren’t).