I know we all have our favorites in just about any category you could throw out. Favorite place to grocery shop. Favorite place to get a mani/pedi, get your hair done, boutique, place to grab a sweet tea. I mean the possibilities are endless because we have a lot of good stuff here in Midland and Odessa. And where do many of our favorite places for this or that come from? For me, to be honest I ask around. 

If I get burned out going to the same places for the one thing that I love from that particular establishment, then I get burned out and start asking around for recommendations. I have found some real gems this way and places I would otherwise have never heard of.

So what am I about to do? Recommend. And hope that you love it as much as I do. Recently Leo and I were out and about at a radio remote that happened to have food trucks. We met some very nice people in a food truck called Shawni's Shack. Their logo says they serve authentic Mexican food and more. Can I just say that the 'more' for us was the birria tacos?

First of all what are birria tacos? Up until about a year or two ago I had never even heard of them. I Googled it and according to Wikipedia they are,

a style of taco composed of a beef birria served with melted cheese in a taco that has been stained red by the birria marinade.

This explanation should also have stated that they are super messy. lol For real though, as you can see, I loved them so much, I had to take a picture. The sauce, the cheese, the entire thing is just heaven wrapped up in a nice, crisp little taco shell.

I highly recommend that you follow Shawni's Shack on Facebook and try these birria tacos for yourself. I CANNOT. That is all I can say. Shawni's Shack is in high demand all over the 432, so find out where they are going to be on any given day and give them a try. Game changer.

10 Restaurants Every Texan Should Try

10 Restaurants Every Texan Should Try
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