Back when some of us were kids-we remember that you NEVER pumped your own gas. There was an Attendant who would come out when you pulled up to a pump and THEY were the ones who pumped your gas and washed your windshield while you were filling up. In fact--in most states-it was ILLEGAL back then to pump your own gas. It still is illegal in New Jersey. The thought used to be that it was too dangerous to let the general public fill up their own gas tanks. Fast forward to now--and that's been out the window for years. It's cost-prohibitive for gas stations to employ that many people on each shift to wait on customers. So we have self-serve gas pumps. And most of those are very convenient these days as you can pay right there at the pump with a credit or debit card.

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No need to go inside to pay, unless you're using the restroom or buying snacks or getting lottery tickets... But if that is your plan--then GET YOUR GAS FIRST, and then pull into a parking space to take care of the rest of your business. It is rude to park in front of a pump and then go inside, making everyone else wait who is outside parked behind your car waiting their turn to get gas. Everyone is busy these days-the most valuable commodity is TIME--and it's not polite to be inconsiderate of others' time just so you can take yours. Doesn't matter where you shop or get gas--this goes for pumps ALL OVER THE BASIN. Let's be kind and courteous and keep this in mind next time the needle is on E. Thanks!

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