I just want to take a second to thank our first responders here in the Permian Basin, and thank American Home Improvement for giving me and our stations the opportunity to be a small part of this awesome event. The crew here at American Home Improvement got together and served some AMAZING BBQ to all these awesome people who protect and save lives in our community every day. Yesterday they hit Odessa, and today they were here at the Midland Sheriff's office. All of them lined up and served hundreds of first responders as they made their way down a line of perfectly cooked brisket, sausage, beans, tater salad, and topped it off with homemade donuts, which were phenomenal by the way. I even got to see a (before covid) familiar face stop by. Jimmy Young of the MPD made sure to come by and get him a plate. It felt great just dropping in and lending a little bit of a hand and watching the American Home Improvement crew work so hard to serve our community. Even though they didn't do it for the recognition, I like to think it's my job to spotlight things like this when I hear about them, because in times like these, we all need to be reminded that there is still a whole lot of good going on around us.