Am I Making Things Worse When I Try To Help BAG The Groceries? If the worker at the grocery store is bagging my groceries, am I making things worse when I step in and help them? This happen the other day while I was shopping. So, the worker is bagging my groceries and I'm standing there like, 'I can help this situation out.'

So, I step in and start helping bag stuff from the conveyor belt. As I'm doing it, I notice I'm just grabbing random things with NO rhyme or reason and start throwing stuff into bags. I feel like the worker was like 'Um, okay nice try!' LOL I mean the worker was cool and didn't say anything but I felt like I was doing it WRONG and really in the way. I get it. Sometimes we can have great intentions to help, but in reality we aren't lol.

Here is the thing. There was a worker on the register and another one bagging. So there were two employees doing their thing.  Maybe, I did make three a crowd? I mean it definitely looked like there were handling it, but I wanted to just STEP in and help.

Maybe, it al depends on the situation. I mean if there was just one employee on the register and no bagger, than obviously me stepping it would be a great thing right?

NO biggie I get it, but next time your at the grocery store and there is a bagger bagging your groceries, you might think ...don't be like LEO and butt in. LOL Unless of course the situation calls for you to help. Hey, it's all good and done with love.

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