Listener Wrote IN... Guys, me and my girl have been going out for 6 months and this is our first Christmas together. So excited for it. Well, I've decided to go kind of big on our Christmas gift. I'm getting her a car. The reaction I have gotten from my friends around me has surprised me. They think IM NUTS!  By best friend says she's gonna dump me soon after, and my sister says I'm going to overwhelm her and looks like I'm trying way too hard. Um, look, it's a small car and she does need a new one. Thoughts on the gift?   Last thing I want to do is mess this up.

Here Is What the Permian Basin Had To Say About It

Dont do it! IF y'all stay together. You are going to be expected to top this years gift. Start small..

Noooooo!!!! To soon lol I'd dump you right after jk but I think it's to soon!!!

It only works if you are not an Indian giver.
You trying to bless her game than do it with good intentions.
At the same time dont equate this gift with her action to leave you later when things go bad.

Too Soon, if engaged maybe, if married definitely. You may spook her out of the relationship.

Lol you've only been dating for 6 months??? Noooo do not buy her a car. You are doing way too much in short amount of time of dating.

Now every year you'll be expected to do this....

To soon! Get her like a dog or something, or maybe even jewelry but not a car. A bit overboard on this one.
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I think it’s too soon for that kind of purchase!

Are you slow? Simple? Or just plan stupid?

Tf…….uh no. She still just getting this d**k in a box !!!

Bro, I've done stuff like this and have been burned.
Best thing about it is I'm still good to the people who took advantage of my kindness. Don't be that guy. If you can't handle losing everything and still trying to be a good person.

Six months I'm barely buying jewelry and you want to buy a car TAS LOCO!!!
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Jacob Garcia
‍♂️ Don’t do it!!!!!! Don’t be a fool

Life……is only one we live.
It’s too short to not be happy! If you feel that’s what is in your heart and you need to do it then do it but know the consequences that come with it and don’t be bummed in the end if it goes bad. Hope all goes well for you!

Go ahead bro. Just make sure it's in your name just in case she gets crazy.

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