6ix9ine's lawyer recently had to explain the rapper's beef with Lil Durk to a judge in order to try and avoid further litigation for the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper.

6ix9ine is still entrenched in a lawsuit with Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier, who sued the rapper for his involvement in a 2018 robbery. They are seeking a $1 million restitution payout. In the latest development in the case, which took place on Thursday (April 21), the lawyer for Wonzer and Dozier claimed Tekashi's new single "Gine" contains lyrics about the robbery victims.

“Specifically, Defendant recently released a song, entitled ‘Gine,’ which disparages Plaintiffs, brags about the crimes that he committed against them, tells Plaintiffs to ‘suck D!ck’ and ‘Eat My Sack,’ and repeatedly refers to them as the n-word,” attorney Mathew Deoreo wrote in court documents obtained by XXL. The court documents even include a printout of the lyrics to the track, with the lines in question highlighted. The song has brought "emotional distress" to Wonzer and Dozier, their lawyer claims.

6ix9ine's lawyer Robert Meloni rebuffed assertions that "Gine" was directed at the robbery victims in court documents filed the same day. As evidence, he provided news articles and screenshots that explain that many lyrics to "Gine" are actually directed at Lil Durk.

"While the lyrics may be course and generally offensive in polite society, there is no support at all that Plaintiffs are the subject of the song Gine's lyrics," Meloni's statement reads.

"During the days immediately following GINÉ’s release on April 15, 2022, various Hip Hop publications explained the meaning of the song’s lyrics, and who the lyrics actually refer to (including rapper Lil Durk.)," the statement continues.

“Mr. Hernandez is attempting to dig his life out of the hole he has admittedly put himself into,” Meloni adds. “In order to succeed in the rap music industry, artists have to present a persona that is decadent and offensive. Any attempts by Defendants and their Counsel to use this Court to dictate how Defendant pursues rehabilitating his career through the music that is the lifeblood of his profession not only infringes Defendant’s First Amendment rights, but quite possibly violated New York’s Anti-SLAPP law.”

6ix9ine is clearly referencing Durk on his new song and video, which even features a still shot that contains the line "Slide 4 Von," a reference for Durk to retaliate for the death of King Von. This case has been a thorn in Tekashi's side. Last month, 6ix9ine told a judge he is flat broke and could not pay the $11.8 million Wonzer and Dozier were initially seeking. After showing off "$2 million" in cash on Instagram last week, the New York rapper later admitted in an interview that he uses prop money for entertainment purposes.

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