About one year after it was reported that he told other policemen to shoot 50 Cent on sight, Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez has seen a role change for an unrelated matter, an NYPD rep confirms with XXL.

According to a report the New York Post published on Wednesday (March 4), Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez was transferred to the NYPD’s Auxiliary Police Section. The outlet's source says the move is considered a demotion from his former position as the commanding officer of Sunset Park’s 72nd Precinct in Brooklyn. The Queens rapper, who performed overseas last year, didn't waste any time expressing his thoughts about Gonzalez's new role in the NYPD.

"Remember this guy Commanding officer Gonzalez from the 72 percinct ,They bust his ass down to auxiliary no more Strap just a flash light and badge.LOL HaHahahahahah #abcforlife #starzgettheapp," 50 wrote in the caption of his post.

Last year, the NYPD opened an investigation into Gonzalez after he allegedly told other officers to shoot 50 on sight during roll call in June of 2018. The alleged command, which a rep told XXL was taken out of context last year, was reportedly made before 50 attended an NYPD-sanctioned boxing match. Although the Queens music mogul and Gonzalez have had their own troubles in the past, the executive producer of Power had no clue the NYPD was even looking for him.

"This is how I wake up this morning, ‍♂️ This guy Emanuel Gonzales is a dirty cop abusing his POWER," 50 wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo of the article. "The sad part is this man still has a badge and a gun. #NYnotSafe #TheGangstagotabadge."

A police spokesperson told the New York Post that Gonzalez's recent transfer has nothing to do with the alleged threat he made against 50 Cent nearly two years ago. Still, the Get Rich or Die Trying rapper appears to be pleased with the NYPD's decision.

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