A day after posting a lengthy homophobic rant on his Instagram Story, 42 Dugg has seen the error of his ways.

On Sunday morning (Aug. 1), the Detroit rapper apologized on IG. "It never be my intentions to offend anybody even when I'm offended so for that I am sorry," he started.

Dugg went on to try to explain why he went off, saying he was triggered by the comments about his interaction with his son, which the rhymer shared in an Instagram Story post of himself licking his child's neck.

"Usually I'm a very private person when it come to personal shit such as my son or my family in general," he continued. "People always tell me I need to take more pictures or you know let my fans see something about me other than music. Yesterday I called myself doing that. My son birthday was the weekend so I decided I would let y'all see how much fun we had."

He then said, "You know the picture/videos I posted of my son wasn't put out for feedback. That was us being us. So for y'all to take that and make it what y'all did just reminded me of why I keep my family private. I will not be showing my son or any of my family on this shit again. Y'all lost that privilege. This is for me to promote my music and that's what I'm gone use it for. Nothing more nothing less."

42 Dugg apology for homophobic rant on instagram
42_Dugggg via Instagram

This whole situation started on July 30, when Dugg posted a video with his son, in which he licks and kisses the young boy's neck. Some viewers were uncomfortable with the clip and many people criticized Dugg.

He responded with an irate retort. "Ain't nobody going for that gay ass hoe ass shit y'all on," he wrote in a post on his Instagram Story. He punctuated his statement with the sentence "Suck my dick you gay biotches."

42 Dugg rant on Instagram
42_Dugggg via Instgram

In related news, DaBaby is learning the hard way that spewing hate toward the LGBTQ community can have consequences. Due to his recent homophobic rant, he was dropped by the BooHoo fashion line and removed from the lineup of Lollapalooza.

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