When I heard that the Hostess snack company was going out of business and shutting down, instantly I thought, noooono Twinkies! I'm sure that was the reaction from lots of peeps. But then I realized, wait a minute, it's not just about the infamous Twinkies....

Were you aware that Hostess also makes  Ho Hos, Ding Dongs and
Zingers? Or how about the little chocolate CupCakes with the white swirl on top and cream in the middle? Then I thought, well my 6 yr. old is a huge fan of the white powdered 'Donettes' also made by Hostess, but no more. So long to everyone's favorite (pink) SnoBalls. By the way, good luck to finding any of these Hostess products on the shelves at the grocery store, most are sold out. Thanks for the many years of bologna sandwiches WonderBread!

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