Here's the infamous list of 30 local girls I was with at one point in time. This will definitely make a lot of ladies mad for putting them on blast. Is your name on it? What about someone you know?

1. Tricia Hall

2. Ann Robinson

3. Sadie Harrison

4. Angel Mullins

5. Patti Reyes

6. Vivian Marsh

7.Gretchen Frazier

8. Alli Potter

9. Jodi Lynch

10. Victoria Hubbard

11. Isabel Rodriguez

12. Marcia Ingram

13. Ticia Underwood

14. Myra Reed

15. Rochelle Mills

16. Violette Briggs

17. Vickie Peterson

18. Julie Chambers

19. Miriam Lindsey

20. Ada McBride

21.Emma Stevenson

22. Mae Ray

23. Lori Carson

24. Rosalie Rios

25. Angelica Haynes

26. Courtney Lucan

27. Monica Garza

28. Rita Munoz

29. Kristen Carter

30. Minnie Jiminez


Ok so now that I've completely wasted your time, I feel compelled to tell you that absolutely zero of those names were real. As a matter of fact, they were all randomly generated by a website....But hey, that was a hell of a lot more interesting than the whole "10 Bands I've Seen Live but One Is A Lie" meme going around Facebook wasn't it?

Shout out to my friend Ricky for the idea lol. You sir are a A**Hole...and that was funny as hell.

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