I remember growing up in the '80s eating some really good food with my parents. Well, to little Rebecca, it was good anyway. It was typically a weekend thing, do some shopping in Odessa or Midland, then go to a restaurant of mom or dad's choice. They didn't ask me. I would eat at McDonald's every day back in the day if I could, so I never got a say in the matter. 

As I got a little older, several of my childhood favorites began to disappear, and I'm bummed I have not been able to introduce my kids to some of the restaurants here in Midland-Odessa I used to eat at when I was their age.

Grandy's-my momma loved her some Grandy's! Her favorite item on the menu? Livers and gizzards. It became a weekly thing, and I was ok with that because..cinnamon rolls. How could you forget the Grandy's cinnamon rolls? I miss them terribly.

Furr's Cafeteria-The last standing Furr's shut down right around the pandemic here locally, and man, do I miss it. Our family loved a buffet. I remember sliding that tray along the rails, my parents letting me get anything I wanted. Jello AND a slice of pie? Yes, please! Check out the prices in this old school 1992 commercial:

Pizza Inn-I loved me some Pizza Inn back in the day. A large pepperoni pizza and a Coke. Yummy! For some reason, the soda at Pizza Inn was the best at the time. Man, good times, great memories.

These are just a couple of my favorites that are no longer around that I personally miss, and geez, the prices, too, while we're at it. Check out the old-school commercials and see if it doesn't remind you of your childhood.

Which restaurants that we no longer have here in Midland or Odessa do you miss?

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