Just when you thought you had visited the over 268,000 square miles of Texas, someone throws another city at ya. Up until recently, I had no idea Detroit, TX even existed! If you're like me and have been to countless lakes, RV parks and campgrounds your whole life, you may think that you have visited every hot spot in Texas that you needed to but apparently, that is not the case. 

One Tiktoker has a list of places in Texas that you should absolutely visit in the New Year and now I feel the need to make a list of resolutions.


10. South Padre Island

9. Fredericksburg

8. San Antonio/The River Walk

7. Enchanted Rock

6. Hamilton Pool

5. Palo Duro Canyon

4. Marfa

3. Jacob's Well

2. Marfa

1. Big Bend National Park

Ok 7 out of 10, not bad. Now excuse me while I Google where the heck Hamilton Pool and Jacob's Well are. See what I mean? Lived in Texas my whole life and have never heard of either one.

Ok so Hamilton Pool is located about 30 miles west of Austin in Dripping Springs, TX in Travis County, and let me tell you, it looks nothing short of amazing! It is considered 'one of the best-kept secrets of Texas:'

Jacob's Well is a spring in the Texas Hill Country that flows from Cypress Creek which is located northwest of Wimberley, Texas. Are you kidding me that something this spectacular is located here in Texas? Wow, just wow. Check out this video:

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