We all have different talents, and the way they fit into the bigger picture is what makes all the difference. As it comes to Yhung T.O., member of the Vallejo, Calif. rap crew SOB X RBE, he's the one who has more melody-based stylings and sings a lot of the hooks. He has a new solo project, Misunderstood, on the way, and recently shared two songs that show the direction he's aiming for. The two tracks are "Referee," which features his fellow SOB X RBE member Daboii, and the true solo song "Down Chick."

"Referee" is about T.O. adjusting to his popularity, recognizing that his life is different now. "Now days all these bitches want me for some fame/That's why I don't trust ’em I just pass 'em to the gang," he raps, sharing a dose of his reality.

Lines like "We be slidin' through them jets where you niggas don't hang/If a nigga want smoke then that's what we gon' bring" shows he isn't afraid of any friction, even if he is famous now.

The second song, "Down Chick," is much more personal. On the track, he raps and sings about wanting to find a woman he can fully trust. "Anything that you want you can have it/I can't go a day without my bad bitch," he promises. The hook doubles down on his desires: "Tryna build a family, need somebody I can do it wit'/Every real nigga need a down bitch."

Even though he's currently gearing up to go on a world tour with SOB x RBE and XXL The Break alumnus Quando Rondo, Yhung T.O. has still found time to drop music of his own. He freed the video to his song "Misunderstood" in March, around the time he announced his new solo deal with Interscope. He then followed up with a "Leave the Hood" visual in late May.

Listen to "Referee" and "Down Chick" below.

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