Please tell me this video isn’t real. 

First of all, you’re probably never going to catch me turning down a steak. While I prefer medium rare, I can work with just about anything. The steak would have to be burned to a crisp for me to say “no thanks.” 

And I damn sure don’t care what it's shaped like. 

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But if a video that’s currently going viral is legit, one woman was so upset that her steak was ugly that refused to eat it. In fact, she said it “looked like Texas.” 

Now obviously she’s referring to the shape of our state and not its beautiful landscape (okay, maybe some it isn’t so beautiful, but the Hill Country and Piney Woods are about as beautiful as it gets). 

Let me be clear that if the food looks gross to me, I won’t eat it. For instance, I’ve never had any desire to eat curry because it doesn’t look appealing to me.  

But I seriously have a hard time believing someone would actually be upset by the shape of their food. Especially if that food happens to be a delicious, cooked-to-order steak. It doesn’t get any better than that. 

But that’s what’s going on in the video. So, if she’s for real and not just acting for the video in hopes that people like me will share it, I would be rethinking my marriage if I were that guy.

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