I was jokingly talking making fun of rappers who talk about lean all the time because for some reason they always use 2 foam cups. I was in mid laugh when I realized I seriously had no clue why they used 2 foam cups. So I did what anyone living in the 21st century would do...I googled it.

NOBODY FREAKING KNOWS! Are you kidding me right now? Oh trust, there's plenty of people who claim to know because they want to sound like they're hood but if you really think about their answers as you read them...they are all just making stuff up. The most common answer is "Because lean sweats and you don't wanna get it on yo hands."

....every cold liquid in a container sweats. You don't see hillbillies rolling down the road with sweet tea in two mason jars. STFU and go get someone who knows the real answer!

Watch, I guarantee you, someone who just read the headline on Facebook and didn't read the actual article gave the same damn answer in the Facebook comments to this blog.

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