Winter storms have really messed things up in Dallas. Some people are even calling it 'Dallaska' right now. Bridges are covered in snow and ice and it appears that some motorists are having one heck of a time getting themselves out of icy situations.

A video posted by @dallas_texastv yesterday shows stranded motorists doing their best to get themselves unstuck. We thought we had some bad snow and ice in Lubbock, and it was absolutely nothing compared to the ordeal they are dealing with.

Check it out below:

Several people in the comment section under the video seem baffled that anyone would attempt to drive over any flyovers on a day like yesterday. Others are calling for more snow plows. A few are simply cracking jokes.

"I just moved to Dallas and I can literally see this highway from my apartment. And I just wanna know why people are continuing to drive on it" - Nachelle

"Why does the city NOT have snow plows? How many more snow days does Dallas need to experience before understood?" - La'Lahni

"We call that a Tuesday in Minnesota." - Ann Tepoorten

Austin, Texas is also still dealing with massive power outages. KVUE reported that they expect for the power to be back on by 6 p.m. on Friday. That's a pretty long time to wait, an I'm really feeling bad for my buddies in that area.

We are clearly not built for snow in Texas. If you can stay home, please do. You don't want to find yourself in a situation like the guys in the video. Here's to hoping they eventually made it out of there.

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