A woman's longtime best friend has given her a bizarre ultimatum to stop eating eggs or risk losing their friendship forever.

"I am a lifelong veggie — my parents were 70’s hippies & so I have never eaten meat and was raised vegetarian & I don’t eat dairy either but I am not a vegan as I eat eggs," the woman wrote via parenting forum Mumsnet.

"I find I need the protein & generally benefit from eating them," she continued, explaining her friend is highly offended by her diet.

The woman noted her best friend "turned vegan last year" and has since been sending her "horrible videos of baby chicks having their heads cut off," trying to shame her for eating eggs.

"I asked her to stop as it was upsetting & I didn’t feel I needed to justify my dietary choices to anyone and now she’s stopped speaking to me," the woman continued, adding her pal "finds it difficult to engage with anyone who eats animal products."

The "militant" vegan even dubbed the woman a "murderer" for eating eggs. She's hurt by the way her friend has been treating her.

"I am already trying my best and have had over 40 years of not eating animals — she’s had a year of it. She’s used language like murderer to me," the woman concluded, adding her friend should instead "try to convert some meat eaters if that’s your thing."

In the comments section, users flooded the post with support for the egg-eating woman, suggesting her vegan friend is in the wrong for judging her dietary habits.

"You're quite right — you don’t need to justify your dietary choices to anyone," one person wrote, while another commented: "She sounds awful. When her militant vegan arc completes and she tries to get in touch, make sure you let her know how awful her behavior was."

"She is not behaving like a friend — just block her and move on," another person suggested.

"I'm sure this will turn into a vegan bashing thread, but as someone who knows a few I'm glad this kind of behavior is uncommon and frowned upon by them, because they know it doesn't help," someone else weighed in.

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