It's been a heck of a week for Evie Mae's Barbeque.

First, they were named a Top-10 barbeque joint in the state of Texas. Now, they've announced a major expansion with United Supermarkets and Market Street.

That's right, Evie Mae's is going on the road with spots in both Amarillo, Texas and Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

"We’re excited and thankful for this opportunity and look forward to serving new people and communities!" Evie Mae's said on social media about the move, "None of these things would be possible without our amazing crew. Thanks for trusting us and working so hard."

The barbeque juggernauts originally opened in 2015 as a food truck in Wolfforth. Their popularity exploded as Mallory and Arnis Robbins grew the business. They moved from food truck to brick and mortar in the same location. They kept growing in popularity. Soon, you were able to buy preprepared Evie Mae's in select United Supermarkets and Market Street locations.

That partnership grew even stronger in the past year when Evie Mae's opened up a second location in the brand new United Supermarkets location at Slide and 114th.

As we look ahead to the Fall of 2023, two more Evie Mae's locations will open and both of them will be located in United Market Streets. That's not all though.

Much like the newest Lubbock United location, there will also be a Chopsticks Noodle & Sushi Bar, all the great ready meals, the deli, and hot bars, Streetside pharmacy and grocery pick up, and everything else you love about United Supermarkets.

It's incredible to see two great brands expand their reach even further.

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