As expected, Uncle Murda released his version of the "Rap Up 2021" and this iteration may be the most inflammatory yet, including a wild line about Lil Nas X.

The Brooklyn rapper released the annual (always controversial) track on New Year's Day (Jan. 1). The song features 14 minutes of Lenny talking recklessly, "respectfully," touching on all the goings-on in hip-hop, urban and national news.

Murda starts things off in eyebrow-raising fashion. "Lil Nas X gon' catch AIDS and die like Eazy-E/Hope the LGBTQ don't cancel me," Murda raps. "Like they tried to stop DaBaby from getting paid, when he was talking about how they be giving each other AIDS."

Nobody is safe on Murda's latest track, which he also announced would be available as an NFT. During the lengthy culmination, he also talks about Drake and Kanye's "fake" beef and ultimate reunion and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith oversharing about their relationship. "But don't go to Instagram or get the cops in it/If he kill her, she gon' go to Heaven and let Pac hit it," Murda rhymes.

He leaves no stone unturned, bringing up last year's Verzuz highlights, 50 Cent's BMF series, Freddie Gibbs' alleged tussle with Jim Jones, rappers who passed away and more. "Do y'all know what today is, ’cause today matters/Today is the day I disrespect a whole bunch of rappers, respectfully/I don't care who niggas down with, I'm violating them if they was out here doing clown shit/Come on mane," Murda raps on the chorus.

Hear Uncle Murda's wildly controversial "Rap Up 2021" below.

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