After releasing his breakout hit “Water” and securing a spot on XXL’s 2017 Freshman Class, Ugly God is ready to get his shine on. On Monday (July 31), the Houston rhymer dropped “No Lies” featuring Wiz Khalifa.

On the song, Ugly God and Wizzy boast about their wealth, street cred and traveling to exotic places. “I make cake like a easy bake oven / Look at me face to face, don't tell no lie / Get your s--- together, please don't throw me to the side,” raps Ugly God.

Meanwhile, on the second verse, Wiz brags about his street credibility. "Hoes know, n----s know so they don't try me / Keep it on me, never know these n----s grimy / Playstation, Dreamcast how I be balling," he spits, adding, "Six rings, I'm the best like I'm Jordan / No look, catch the pass then I'm scoring."

Ugly’s debut mixtape, The Booty Tape, will arrive in digital stores on August 4. You can pre-order the collection right now on iTunes.

The Booty Tape Track List

1. “Welcome To The Booty Tape”
2. “Stop Smoking Black And Milds”
3. “I’m a Nasty Hoe”
4. “I’m Tryna F---”
5. “F--- Ugly God”
6. “No Lies” feat. Wiz Khalifa
7. “Bitch”
8. “L.D.C”
8. “Like a Maverick”
10. “Water”

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