Trina released her latest cut "Get Money," where she says people are going to hate on you anyway, so you might as well get your paper up. The song is off the rapper's forth coming album The One.

"Money on my mind / That gossip won't get your stacks up / How you gon' hustle blind? / Cause I need a fish tank in my wall, h-- / Umbrella in my car door / Y'all mad but y'all broke / So what the f--- I'm worrying about y'all for?" she spits.

The new single comes on the heels of Trina losing it on someone in a video, and it's been rumored that she was addressing Khia and Kim B. Rocks. Plus, she released a new song with Trick Daddy called "Smooth Sailing" recently, and she also made our 50 Greatest Songs by Female Rappers list.

Trina's The One album drops Sept. 8, and you can listen to the new "Get Money" single below.

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