Trae Tha Truth has denied allegations that he ambushed Z-Ro and said the fight was "family business."

On Wednesday (Aug. 31), Trae Tha Truth hopped on his Instagram page and posted a video addressing the video that surfaced on Monday (Aug. 29) of Z-Ro getting punched by a man during an altercation with Trae and his crew. In his 2-minute-long clip, the Houston legend denied that he ambushed Z-Ro and says the fight was related to an internal issue that had been building up for many years.

"The situation that they are trying to paint, the narrative they are trying to paint that shit is false," he said. "Not a seven-on-one situation. It wasn't no blindside ambush. That's not what this is. This is family business, internal stuff that's been going on for 10-15 years that's probably been building up and just spilled over into shit."

Trae went on to say that he and Z-Ro had a conversation for two hours the day after the fight. "Probably a conversation that was needed to be had," he said.

The hip-hop veteran also added that he's a stand-up guy and doesn't tolerate any disrespect. Trae also explained that he and Z-Ro have been fighting their whole lives, but it's different now that cameras and social media blow everything out of proportion.

"[There's] no hate for that man [Z-Ro]. You gotta understand, I'm never going to let anyone hurt or harm him," he stated. "As far as the blogs, as far as everybody who had something to say that I have seen, you gotta keep that same energy."

Finally, Trae Tha Truth concluded that he has accepted his accountability in the situation but he's not going to let people exaggerate the fight based on what they saw in the video.

"For those who really rock with me, if I let y'all down, that's on me, I stand on that," he said. "I accept my accountability. Other than that, it is what is, dawg. I'm not going to let people keep adding fuel to the fire, keying it up or gassing it up."

As previously reported, Z-Ro claimed in a statement to XXL that he was allegedly sucker punched by Trae and then attacked by several men without provocation.

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