T.I.'s journey into the world of comedy has had its up and downs. Recently, Tip had a humbling moment when he was booed during a comedy show in New York City.

Tip was on the lineup for Power 105.1's April Fools Comedy Jam, which took place yesterday (April 9) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. The Atlanta rapper-turned-comedian was on the bill along with well known names in the comedic field like Nick Cannon, Eddie Griffin, B. Simone, Rip Michaels, Tony Roberts, Bruce Bruce, Michael Blackson, Joe Torry, HaHa Davis and Jacob Williams. Video of a portion of T.I.'s set has been circulating the internet and shows The L.I.B.R.A. rapper getting booed on multiple occasions.

In one clip, T.I. tells a joke about determining whether or not a date is for the streets. It does not go over well with the crowd and is met by boos and silence. Later on in his set, T.I. tells a joke about having sex with someone's mom. The crowd was not feeling that joke either. Some boos can be heard, but it was the lack of laughter that also led to the awkward post-joke moment where the neophyte funny-man appeared to lash out.

"Well, got damn," Tip told the crow. "I'ma tell y'all muthafuckin ass like this. Y'all got one more mutherfuckin album out of me. It's called Kill the King. For muthafuckers like you. And I appreciate y'all cause you make me the absolute best."

He eventually rebounded and finished his set, with the crowd offering applause for his effort.

T.I. later addressed seemingly bombing onstage while on Instagram Live with comedian Michael Blackson. When asked by Blackson if he enjoyed being booed, the ATL lyricist admitted, "Yes. I loved it. He added, "I didn't feel like they was booing me... I felt like they was booing me as like, 'I dare you to be more funny. I dare you to be more funny. I dare you to overcome this. I dare you to do better.' I felt like that's what they were challenging me to do and I did it."

T.I. definitely appears to have the right mind set about succeeding in foreign territory as he continues to hone his skills as a comedian. The Kang made headlines last week after getting into a heated exchange with comedian Lauren Knight at a comedy show over jokes she made about his sexual assault allegations. Knight later accused T.I. of calling her a bitch, which he denied. Knight eventually came forward with proof. T.I. and Knight have reportedly squashed their issues.

See T.I.'s full set at the April Fools Comedy Jam below.

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