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Your friend in the radio business cares very little about politics, but I can't believe an elected official is recommending starving babies.

If you're not aware, there's a baby food shortage right now. It's simple, one of the big manufacturing plants voluntarily shut down in February because of complaints of contaminated formula and two infant deaths. That plant is still not back online.

Never one to pass up a political football, especially without spiking it into the head of illegal immigrants, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is whining that the federal government should be giving Texas babies formula ahead of illegal immigrant babies. This is certainly a complex issue, but recommending starving babies while they're in detention is really not a good answer.

So, what is a good answer?

Well, I'm certainly not the sharpest tool in the tool shed, but let's start by cutting down on hoarding. Let's provide incentives and facilities for wet nurses to store milk. Let's put the National Guard or The Texas Rootin' Tootin' Rescue Rangers or whoever on the case of getting manufacturing plants back online. Let's put a task force together to inventory and create a database of the remaining supplies and make sure we can get by. Let's cut those detention times and send everyone back to where they came from so at least they have a chance. In short, let's try everything possible before we talk about starving babies who are locked up.

Illegal immigration is a tough, tough thing. I don't have any answers to the big problem. All I know is you can't lock people up and then not feed them. It's not humane and it should not be political. We should be looking for ways out of this instead of finding someone to blame it on.

Let's get to work, and get all the babies fed.

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