christmas wish list
While doing some Christmas shopping over the weekend, I realized there are some pretty simple things that I need to throw on my Christmas wish list this year. I don't know if the older I get, my list gets shorter and more practical or what but I found that I would be quite happy with some prett…
chores at home
A new study found that 56% of men say they split the chores equally at home. But not surprisingly women say nope, that's not true! 50% of mothers say that they do the majority of the work. lol That's pretty funny if you ask me, guys getting called out. I don't know about other ho…
Naked Columbian Women's Team Cycling? Looks Like It To Me!
I've got to give this a major no ma'am! Oh my gosh, a friend showed me the picture of the Columbian Cyclist team and wow, I had to do a double-take! lol Have you seen their uniforms? I know Leo rides his bike for exercise, I've got to get my hands on one of these for him.