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‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Gets an Official Release Date
When Lucasfilm initially announced Star Wars: Episode IX, the tentative plan was to release it in theaters on May 23, 2019 — that date was never confirmed, however, and when the studio shifted their releases to December (with the exception of the young Han Solo spinoff), everyone just assumed…
Carrie Fisher, 'Star Wars' Princess Leia, Dies at 60
Terrible news to confirm today, as a beloved icon and Star Wars star’s condition has taken a turn for the worse. Carrie Fisher, actress behind both Princess and General Leia, has passed away at age 60. The revered actress and comedic presence had earlier suffered a heart attack en-route from …
new movie trailer
Have you ever known of anyone to be such a fan of a movie? These guys this morning had to gather around the computer to watch the trailer for the Rogue One, new Star Wars movie. Apparently the much anticipated trailer just came out and it was a must see!
Yep, This Star Wars Fan Is Already Counting Down to Rogue One
When it comes to Star Wars, any other movie can step aside for me. So, with a new Star Wars movie opening up next month, it has begun for me.
The hype is real. Star wars Rogue one is a stand alone film in the Star Wars universe. It's been explained as a 'war' movie for Star Wars fans..…

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