ayeaye holiday

National Candy Day-Here Is My Fave
Today is National Candy Day! So I thought I would share a pic of my favorite candy and I happened to find a bag of my favorite flavor of this particular candy too. I would love to shake the hand of the person that decided to give me all peach because omg!
Here Is My Pick For National Sandwich Day
Today's ayeaye holiday, it is National Sandwich Day! If you are not down with sandwiches, we cannot be friends. Every now and then I will take a break from making dinner and just tell the fam, 'we're having sandwiches for dinner' and usually everyone chooses something different b…
junk food day
Today's weird, fun holiday is National Junk Food Day! I would say it is probably someone's excuse to eat anything and errthang for one full day and not feel 'guilty' about it like we usually do. lol Honestly, who doesn't love to indulge every now and then?