One of the major highlights at this year's Summer Jam was the beat battle between veteran hitmakers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. The event was both educational and exciting as the two producers showcased their production history to new and old rap fans.

In an interview with TMZ, Swizzy and Timbo are considering taking their beat battle on the road. Both men feel they didn’t finish what they started with their Summer Jam performance. "It was just only a warm-up," said Swizz. "[But] it something good for the people [and] we had fun doing it."

As for the tour, Swizz said they might bring some of their friends along just to add some star power to their performances. "Some artists we have produced and some we haven't produced," he explained. "It would be super exciting for the people."

Swizz Beatz's beat battle saga started a year ago when the former Ruff Ryders producer battled against proven hitmaker Just Blaze. Since then fans have been bugging Swizz to battle other top-notch studio kings including Pharrell Williams.

After their brief Summer Jam performance, Swiss is ready to embark on a tour with Timbaland and finish what they have started.

"As long as Tim is not scared, we can do it," joked Swizz, to which Timbo replied with a hearty laugh.

Let's make this happen!

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