A highly-anticipated track from Ski Mask The Slump God appears to be finally ready for release and it's set to include a feature from Juice Wrld. On Wednesday (Sept. 26), Ski's DJ, Scheme, shared a snippet of the track "Hey Mister" from the "DoIHaveTheSause" rapper on Instagram and revealed Juice Wrld will be included on the song.

"Evil Twins? @theslumpgod @juicewrld999," Scheme wrote in the caption on Instagram. Based on the screenshot of the mp3, the track appears to be just over three minutes long.

Ski Mask has been teasing the song since July, when he livestreamed himself in a dimly-lit recording studio listening to the song. "Hey Mister (Mister), I might give a Glock to my sister (to my sister)/'Cause it's a dirty world, you could get hurt (you could get)/Told her enemies to kiss my keister (my keister)," the 2018 XXL Freshman raps over the Henry Daher-produced beat.

DJ Scheme later shared a preview of the track earlier this month and teased he would drop the song after the 2018 Rolling Loud festival. "It’s 6am I’m gunna post this and see how bad you guys want it maybe we can drop it after rollingloud 😝 COMMENT 'HEY MISTER' IF U WANT IT ! WHO YALL WANT ON IT?" he wrote in an Instagram caption.

Ski Mask and Juice Wrld have teased a joint mixtape in the past, although it's uncertain if the upcoming song will be featured on the rumored project. In June, the rappers shared a video of themselves freestyling and Ski Mask confirmed the project, writing, "Our Collaboration Tape Will Destroy The World @juicewrld999."

Check out the Instagram posts below, as well as a preview of the upcoming song.

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