Rihanna debuted the new video for her Star Trek: Beyond single "Sledgehammer" in IMAX Theaters today (June 30) at 9am. An hour later, the video hit Vevo and TIDAL.

In the video, the singer is dressed as an ethereal alien, with possibly cosmic or telepathic abilities; able to conjure a swarm, levitate the landscape or summon cosmic forces that transcend space and time. The video ends with the famous U.S.S. Enterprise being drawn to Rihanna's heavenly form as part of the cosmos.

This was the first music video of its kind to debut in Imax theaters. Rih-Rih's visuals were shot on the new Alex Imax camera--which was used to shoot the airport battle scene in Captain America: Civil War. It will also be airing before IMAX showings of The Legend of Tarzan.

Star Trek: Beyond beams into theaters on July 22.


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