Grammy Award-winning artist Pharrell has made giving back part of his brand. He uses his experience and success as examples for future music moguls and often mentors budding musicians and producers.

Skateboard P was on hand this Monday (March 21) to help celebrate the 50th anniversary Artist-in-Residency at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where he lectured undergraduate students, listened to some of their recordings and offered career advice.

Alongside accredited Professors Bob Power, Jason King and Allyson Dean, Pharrell opened up about how he approaches art and his unique sense of creativity. “I never really liked going with the flow,” he told future music mogul students. “I was never really interested in being a part of the camouflage thing.”

He also mad a point to salute Tribe Called Quest icon Q-Tip. “I wouldn’t be here doing what I am right now if it weren’t for Q-Tip,” P said as he recounted an early recording experience with the Tribe leader. “That guy still to me is everything.”

But P wasn't only there to share stories about his influences and road to greatness; he also got the opportunity to listen and offer his opinion to some of Power's students.

Skateboard P has been very diligent with his quest to empower the youth. He and his wife Helen Lasichanh are funding a scholarship to assist high school students with attending the Clive Davis Institute’s Summer High School Program. "I am, both personally and through From One Hand to AnOTHER, committed to bringing kids experiences that ignite their passions, challenge their minds, and provide them with opportunities to learn and be creative,” Pharrell told NYU. “I’m confident they’ll receive that experience through the Summer High School Program at the Clive Davis Institute.” Peep the masterclass above.

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