Noname continues to prove she has star power. The Chicago lyricist made her solo national television debut on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night (Oct. 17).

Noname performed a medley of three tracks off her recently-released album Room 25 including "Blaxploitation," "Prayer Song" and "Don't Forget About Me." Backed by a band, she ripped through the trio of tracks spitting over the live instrumentation.

Despite this being her solo debut on national television, Noname is no stranger to the big stage. In 2016, she performed on Saturday Night Live alongside frequent collaborator Chance The Rapper. The same year, she released her debut project Telefone.

She followed up with Room 25 this past September. The new LP features guest appearances from Smino, Saba, Adam Ness, Phoelix, Yaw, Ravyn Lenae and Benjamin Earl Turner. Unfortunately, Noname has run into a bit of controversy with the cover art of the project. The designer, Bryant Giles, was recently charged with domestic abuse and rape. In light of the charges, Noname has decided to change the cover art for her album altogether.

"In light of recent allegations, I will be working to replace the cover artwork of Room 25," she tweeted on Oct. 15. "I do not and will not support abusers, and I will always stand up for victims and believe their stories. My heart goes out to Ellie, her family, and all survivors of abuse."

Check out Noname's three-song medley on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert below.

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