Nicki Minaj reached a settlement with her former wig maker, Terrence Davidson, who filed a $30 million lawsuit against the rapper back in 2014. Davidson claimed that Minaj stole his hair designs and sold them without permission and cheated him out of millions of dollars by failing to come through on a promised reality show. Nicki, however, argued that Davidson filed the suit out of jealousy and bitterness that he lost his most famous client and that a wig cannot be trademarked.

According to The Jasmine Brand, a federal court judge ruled in favor of the superstar rapper and dismissed the entire suit. The judge concluded that since Davidson never had any written contracts with Nicki he had no case. The wig maker walked away empty handed, being awarded zero dollars, but did file an appeal and won. Davidson's victory in appeal court was based on the decision that the two had an oral agreement that Davidson would design and sell Minaj wigs for her personal use only. Had Davidson known that Minaj had alleged plans to sell the designs, he would have charged a much higher price.

Following the victory in Georgia State Appeal Court, Davidson continued his legal battle against The Pinkprint rapper. On April 1, the designer filed a legal document that dismissed all claims against Minaj. The out of court settlement terms are to be kept confidential, according to the report.

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