Nicki Minaj celebrated her 34th year on earth by heading to sunny Turks & Caicos for some R&R.

Of course, the trip wouldn't be complete without an Instagram post, and Nicki was sure to quench the thirst of fans by posing in a red swimsuit as she lounged in a chair on the beach. The rapper, who just released her new mobile game, "Nicki Minaj: The Empire" to rave reviews, took time to send thanks for another year of life.

"Thanks for the love guys," she wrote to to her fans, "right back atcha."

Nicki has had a very busy 2016. Just yesterday, she featured on a new track with Fetty Wap, "Like a Star."  The  song boasts an island vibe and features Nicki at her most confident.

“Who better than Nicki man? I can’t eff’in’ tell/Every time I drop, bitches like FML/Hahaha, you in the game? I own my own game/I only respect them hoes that own they own plane,” she spits.

Check out Nicki getting her lounge on in the Instagram post above.