Riding 1,000 miles in a car can be a long journey. Imagine doing that on horseback?

Army veteran Jeremy Robinson just over a month ago started a journey on Veteran's Day across the great state of Texas. The goal is to go 1,000 miles from Montgomery to Austin on horseback with his horse Trooper. Perfect name for a horse who will be going on the long haul with Jeremy. He is hoping to be in Austin on December 22nd.

While on the journey, Jeremy is asking for donations to RP-1. RP stands for Rally Point, which in the military is "a place designated by the leader where the platoon moves to reassemble and reorganize if it becomes dispersed." The goal for RP-1 is to develop a community where homeless veterans can go for shelter, therapy, substance abuse treatment, and skills training.

Jeremy is currently on day 28 of the ride as of this post. Yesterday, he was in Maypearl, Texas. Which is a couple hours south of Dallas. Jeremy tells me that folks can stay up to date with Rally Point's future endeavors on their YouTube page. Uploads are currently not going on as often since he is doing this 1,000 mile journey. You can see when he goes live on the Facebook page the next week or so on his journey to Austin.

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One of the big goals from these donations is to one day start a Farmer's Market that veterans will help run. They will help grow the food, run the market, and the money raised from that can go into more veteran homes being built. If you would like to help out the cause, they have some Rally Point Gear or you can just donate at this link here.

Good luck to Jeremy and Trooper on their 1,000 mile journey. I know I get cranky being in a car that long. Could not imagine doing that on horseback.

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