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Our dear friend and fellow Lubbockite Topher Covarrubio has done it again- he's carved an absolutely incredible and impressive patch of Pumpkins for 2022.

Topher has carved several pop culture pumpkins each year for the last few years. I'm always blown away by how intricate they are. Many complex pumpkin designs don't "read" very well- these are all immediately recognizable.

But won't these works of art just rot? No! Luckily, Topher uses craft pumpkins, so these beauties will last forever. In fact, I have a past year pumpkin in my office. It's an Iron Maiden Eddie!

As you can see from Topher's Tiktok video, he has all the TV and movie favorites like the Golden Girls, a few different versions of Robin Williams, Falkor, Ru Paul, and xenomorphs. He has more "traditional" Halloween pumpkins with more than a few famous creepy clowns, the nun from The Conjuring, Jareth the Goblin King, Jason, Gremlins and his favorite, Michael Myers. He also has purely Lubbock pumpkins with Raider Red, Buddy Holly, the Masked Rider, and our ever-beloved Patrick Mahomes.

And he carved a Boston Terrier because Boston Terriers are adorable.

It's hard to pick a favorite but I think mine is The Bates Motel. I really love the 1960s Psycho- it's basically a perfect movie.

Topher gets extra points for his fun lighting behind his displays, too. And in addition to carving pumpkins, our friend Topher also takes amazing professional photographs of many Lubbock local events. You can check out or even book his photography skills at NeverEnding Memories Photography online.

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