Lil Wayne has been released from an Omaha, Neb. hospital today (June 14) after having multiple seizures last night while on a flight en route to California, reports TMZ.

The health scare, which many claim to be caused by Lil Wayne's alleged epilepsy, comes the night after Wayne appeared at a Milwaukee nightclub to turn up and play new music. He premiered a new song that alluded to the infamous tour bus shooting incident that saw his life spared and led to Bankroll Mafia member Peewee Roscoe being sent to prison.

But more conspicuous was his consumption of what most presume to be Promethazine/Codeine, the purple cough syrup that's used to make lean. In the video above, you can see Wayne with a big ass double cup, and according to TMZ, "Weezy was cruising around with five 16 oz bottles of Promethazine/Codeine syrup during his club appearance in Milwaukee over the weekend ... with one onlooker telling us Wayne downed 3 bottles just by himself."

Wayne's been known to have an affinity for the purple stuff, even making love songs dedicated to the potion. But with the deaths of legends like DJ Screw, Pimp C and A$AP Yams tied to the narcotic drink, we can only pray Wayne isn't addicted to the shit.

Surely he's going through a lot. Despite what looked like a respite from the drama around New Years, Wayne and Baby are still beefing, as made apparent in Phoenix recently when Wayne took the stage to lead "Fuck the Birdman" chants.

We're glad Wayne is doing better. Now let's hope he stays that way.

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